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If you work in the full-service restaurant industry--in the front of the house or the heart of the house, as an employee or as management--we need you to join our cause!

We've won our fight to defend tipping in Maine. Now, we need to take our case to the public nationwide. Restaurant Workers of America (RWA) will make the case for tipping and tip credits wherever legislators or advocates have proposed eliminating them. We'll also work proactively to create a tip credit in markets where one doesn't exist - so that restaurants aren't forced to embrace harmful no-tipping models. 

In addition to supporting our work, members will receive regular updates on threats to tipping and tip income, an RWA button, and an exclusive briefing book that makes the case for tipping, including key organizing strategies, and arguments to rebut anti-tipping advocates. 

  • Employee Member - $10/year (free for the first year)
  • Small Restaurant Member (less than 50 employees) - $100/year dues
  • Large Restaurant Member (50 or more employess) - $500/year dues
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Restaurant Workers of America is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization. One of the provisions of the 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act will cause a portion of your RWOA dues to be non-deductible to you. Because RWA engages in legislative lobbying on behalf of its members, 49% of your 2018 dues will not be deductible as a business expense. Under no circumstances are dues, contributions or gifts to Restaurant Workers of America deductible as charitable contributions.